The Complete SEO for Photographers Course with Justin Katz

SEO for Photographers: The Complete Course

Everything you need to get started and succeed with Search Engine Optimization. Join the hundreds of photographers who are using SEO to make money today!

Grow your photography website traffic by 350%!

Unlock the power of SEO, and start gaining more traffic, clients, and exposure than ever before.

Course Description

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be complicated, confusing, and at times overwhelming. Even if you understand the basics, knowing where to spend your time and focus your efforts can be extremely daunting.

You don't have endless time to find bits and pieces of info all over the internet, nor do you want to spend thousands of dollars hiring a consultant or agency.

What you need is an expert to lay out all the fundamental concepts in a clear, descriptive, relatable and visual way. When you own the SEO for Photographers course, you can watch these videos on-demand, at your own pace, and finally grasp everything that you need to know about SEO as a photographer.

In this course, Justin will go into just the right amount of detail to understand all the fundamental SEO principles. Covering all the components of SEO in general, as well as the little-known secrets specific for photographers.

He will then provide that critical next step that is offered nowhere else: how to put it all together to see the results that you are looking for.

As your SEO improves, and you start to see real results, you will find yourself referring to the information in this course over and over again. No where else is all of this incredibly valuable information located all in one place.

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Ch. 1: Introduction To The Course


  • 1. What to expect from this course FREE PREVIEW
  • 2. Your instructor FREE PREVIEW
  • 3. What success looks like: the goals of SEO FREE PREVIEW
  • 4. How to use this course FREE PREVIEW
  • 5. The secrets to successful SEO FREE PREVIEW
  • 6. Common SEO myths FREE PREVIEW
  • Course slides, notes, & links (chapter one)
  • The 2017 SEO Checklist for Photographers FREE PREVIEW
  • Chapter One Quiz FREE PREVIEW

Ch. 2: Introduction to SEO


  • 7. SEO in 60 seconds
  • 8. Critical factors of strong SEO
  • 9. Keyword research and targeting
  • 10. Common mistakes to avoid
  • 11. Search anatomy & algorithm updates
  • Course slides, notes, & links (chapter two)
  • Chapter Two Quiz

Ch. 3: On-Page Optimization


  • 12. Content is king
  • 13. How to optimize a page (step-by-step)
  • 14. Title tags
  • 15. Meta description tags
  • 16. Headline tags and body copy
  • 17. Images and alt text
  • 18. Internal and external linking
  • Course slides, notes, & links (chapter three)
  • Visual guide: Anatomy of a perfectly optimized page
  • Chapter Three Quiz

Ch. 4: Off-Page Optimization


  • 19. The internet as democracy
  • 20. Domains and authority
  • 21. Links and link building
  • 22. Nofollow vs dofollow links
  • 23. Social signals
  • 24. Black hat methods
  • Course slides, notes, & links (chapter four)
  • Chapter Four Quiz

Ch. 5: Technical Optimization


  • 25. SEO-friendly URL's
  • 26. Duplicate content
  • 27. Crawl errors
  • 28. Indexed pages
  • 29. Site speed
  • 30. Mobile optimization
  • 31. XML sitemaps and robots.txt files
  • 32. Canonical tags
  • 33. 301/302 redirects
  • Course slides, notes, & links (chapter five)
  • Chapter Five Quiz

Ch. 6: Putting It All Together for Success


  • 34. Strategic goal setting
  • 35. The top ranking factors
  • 36. Authorship and authority
  • 37. Click through rate
  • 38. How to use Google Search Console
  • 39. Advanced / pro tips
  • 40. Tools of the trade
  • 41. Link building techniques
  • Course slides, notes, & links (chapter six)
  • Chapter Six Quiz

Ch. 7: SEO for Photographers


  • 42. SEO tips for photographers
  • 43. SEO for photography websites
  • 44. Local SEO for photographers
  • Course slides, notes, & links (chapter seven)
  • Chapter Seven Quiz

Ch. 8: Beyond SEO: Making Money With Photography Online


  • 45. Optimize for conversions
  • 46. Contact page
  • 47. Testimonials
  • 48. Building an email list
  • 49. Selling prints
  • 50. Affiliate programs
  • Course slides, notes, & links (chapter eight)

About Your Instructor

Justin  Katz

Justin Katz

Landscape Photographer & SEO Expert

Justin is an award-winning landscape photographer and online marketing ninja. In addition to his own successful photography business, he has grown SEO for major photography brands, like CreativeLive and He is also the cofounder of Travelstoked, a team of photographer adventurers who love travel and the outdoors.

SEO has allowed him to gain exposure, clients, and passive income for his photography business beyond what he could have dreamed. He was able to quit his day job and focus entirely on his photography, and is here to teach others to do the same.

Why learn from him?

Over the past 8 years, Justin has developed and refined his understanding of SEO best practices, and has been able to turn both his and his clients' portfolio websites into profitable, self-sustaining businesses, enabling them to focus on doing what they love: taking pictures.

Unlock the secrets of

What is SEO in 2017 and how does it work

Setting realistic and achievable goals

Pro-level SEO tips from an industry insider

How to actually get your content to rank on the first page of Google

The nuances of how to use SEO as a photographer

Turning SEO traffic into paying customers


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